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A list of links to TS1 soap opera story sites.


If you're new to TS1, you may be wondering what else is out there besides user made downloads. Believe it or not, fans have done more than just create user made stuff-- some of them have put out terrific storytelling and soap opera sites on the web that run just like Daytime Television, featuring juicy stories involving sex, romance, death, betrayal, mystery, scandal, and more! 

I enjoy these sites so much that I decided to dedicate a thread at the BBS for them. Unfortunately, the thread has disappeared below a ton of other threads posted since then, so I decided to re-post my list here on my site. 

So now, without further ado, here is a list of some of the best storytelling sites on the web using TS1! 


As the Plot Thickens
This story, unfortunately never completed, is probably one of the funniest Sim 1 story sites out right now. Featuring the Goths, it's a hysterical tale about the Devil having a hard time stirring up trouble in a little neighborhood. 

To Tell a Tale
This has a wonderful collection of charming stories around a cast of interesting characters, including the Pleasants and Goths, whose children (Danny, Jennifer, and Cassandra) are older and now in high school. Watch for the utterly bitchy Cassandra, who is the popular high school student from hell.

Lorianne's Sim Stories
The webmaster/ webmistress put up this site because of the limitations of the Exchange, which doesn't allow non-US fans to upload there. I only read one story (Camie Stewart), but definitely loved what I saw. 

Rocky Mountain Sims Home Page
This is a fun site with a *twist*-- it has journals kept by various Sims living in Colorado. Don't forget to check out the archives to the former version of the site, which originally ran in chapter format-- the archives are just as good. 

Simborough Sim
This is probably the only real Sim Soap Opera on the web, playing exactly like one, complete with cliffhangers, love triangles, dirty secrets, love affairs, and even the occasional kidnapping or two. It started out as TS1 and reverted to TS2 awhile ago. It also-- believe it or not-- actually had its own TV jingle! 

Return to Sim Valley
Featuring witches and a few familiar faces (Newbies and Goths), this long-running soap is about some slightly odd things of a supernatural nature occuring in a sleepy town in Sim Valley. Warning: has adult themes. 

Chronicles the trials and tribulations of the Sim, Moochacha. It's part tutorial, part soap, but totally funny.


Beause I'm no longer on DSL, it's getting harder for me to sit and read soap opera/ storytelling sites the way I used to. As a result, although there are some other really great sites out there, I haven't had the time to review them. However, at The Sims BBS, the author of Rocky Mountain Sims, plus a few other people, added their recommendations of sites they were fans of: 

California Simmin'
Soap opera about a group of California residents hoping to make it big. 

Television Sims
This has a collection of TS1 stories, the main one being "The Secrets of Sim Circle."