Download free house, objects, and other goodies for The Sims 1
Five Maxis-made originals from Deluxe, completely untouched and unplayed.

Houses are listed in order of Lot #.

DESCRIPTION: Little brown house located on Lot 3 in Neighborhood One. Unfurnished.
DESCRIPTION: Large castle/ mansion in Neighborhood 2 on Lot 1. Completely furnished and costs well over $100, 00 to purchase.
DESCRIPTION: Little one-bedroomed cottage with adobe/ brown interior located on Lot 10. This is a good house for a single.
DESCRIPTION: The Goth house. If you decided to download this house for a different family, I suggest that you get rid of the tombstones. Otherwise, you'll have weird NPC's haunting you at night.
DESCRIPTION: Large mansion in Neighborhood One, located on Lot 2. This has some beautiful landscaping in the back, not to mention a pool.