Download free house, objects, and other goodies for The Sims 1


Unless noted, all houses are mostly unfurnished and have a minimum of landscaping in order to make the houses affordable and compatible with most EPs. I did this because if I furnish houses with objects, this will make it more difficult for people without all of the EPs to download them. This doesn't mean that the houses are 100% compatible. So I've mentioned with each download which EP is needed. 

I really build houses for decor (not gameplay), so please don't go looking for houses with perfect roomscores. At best I can only muster up a roomscore with four bars, but who cares if the interiors are DY-NO-MITE?? 

To learn how to install houses, please go to the How To Page.

free downloads of five Maxis houses that came with DeluxeOriginal Maxis Houses from Deluxe
5 houses that came with Deluxe, including the Goth house. 
free downloads of Sim houses with a suburban style/ designSub-oringa
Highly conservative in layout and design, houses designed to be as suburban-looking as possible.
free downloads of starter homesStarter Homes
Homes built on the cheap for Sims of moderate income, priced well under §20, 000!
free downloads of Sim houses with a contemporary, modern feelHip and Modern
Cool houses in a hip, sleek, and modern style.
free downloads of Sim houses with a contemporary, modern feelSpanish Style Homes
Yellow stucco, red terracotta tiled roofs.
free downloads of mansionsMansions
Very large, glitzy, and roomy houses for rich sims.
free downloads of Sim houses with a condominium feelMondo Condo
Get out the deck chairs and enjoy these houses built with a condo-style theme. 
free downloads of Sim houses with a ranch feelRanch
As the name suggests, houses with a ranch feel to them.
free downloads of apartment-style housesApartments
Brick buildings that look like apartment buildings on the outside but are built like homes in the inside.
free downloads of beach-themed housesBeach houses
Houses with a summer getaway type of feel.
free downloads of special housesSpecial
Specially designed houses with a theme in mind that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.
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