Download free house, objects, and other goodies for The Sims 1
Never get bored with your game again!

Are you about to snooze everytime you play The Sims? Then check out the following tips if you want to extend the life of your game!



Don't use cheats!

Using cheats to deal with problems is one of the most surefire ways to make your game boring fast, especially if it's the Rosebud cheat. Cheats are helpful when you want to deal with bugs, create houses, or even make albums. But using cheats to deal with stuff like the Tragic Clown, low funds, or other times when things don't go smoothly make for a boring game, because they eliminate much of the problem solving that makes The Sims so much fun. So don't use cheats-- using them too much takes all the challenge out of the game!

Be creative!

How do you play The Sims? Do you play them as nothing more than gaming characters moving across your screen? Or do you imagine them as soap opera characters living out their lives filled with drama? Do you give them simple bios like "Clara is single and likes singing and dancing?" Or do you go all out like "Clara is a young aspiring actress who just moved to the suburbs looking for Mr. Right?" 

When you create families and play neighborhoods, don't think of TheSims as just a game to *beat*. Imagine that it's all one big TV drama, with you as head writer. Create really detailed storylines, scenarios, and histories in your mind for all your characters as you play them-- or let what happens in the game give you inspiration.

And don't just create plain old families! Create households with all different types of scenarios-- roomies, single moms, couple on the verge of divorce, boarding school, grandparents raising their granchildren, home business, etc. Then set goals for them other than getting them to advance. Does the single mom find someone to marry her? Does the couple on the verge of divorce make up or finally break apart? Does the home-based business succeed or tank? Use your imagination when playing with your sims! The bigger it is, the more fun the game will be.

Create different versions of your sims in different neighborhoods

Is Joe Sim a happily married man in Neighborhood One? Then recreate him in Neighborhood Two as a young college student before he met his wife-- or even as a little boy living with his parents. Maybe Gina is a really rich celebrity now, but in a past life, she used to be a down and out waitress living with three other roommates in a shabby tenement. If that's the case, then have the "rich Gina" live in Neighborhood Two, and the "poor Gina" in Neighborhood Five. In other words, play out different aspects of your sims' lives in different neighborhoods to make playing The Sims more interesting.

Create themed neighborhoods!

Create neighborhoods, each with a specific theme. It's very easy to do, especially with each EP, which come with themed sets of items and decor. Deluxe has tons of Roman and medieval items, so you could create an entire Ancient Roman or medieval neighborhood. Hot Date gives you a whole range of hip, modern, city objects, so you could make a "city" neighborhood. Unleashed has terrific New Orleans and country-related furniture, so you could make an entire country or Latin Quarter-inspired neighborhood. The possibilities of what you can do are endless!

Create stories for the Exchange!

Creating story albums is definitely one of the best ways to cure the Boredom Blues, because it gets you excited about the game in a new and different way. In fact, many people play The Sims just for the joy of creating characters and storylines and sharing them with an audience. And don't worry if you're unable to upload to the Exchange because of what version game you have-- there are tons of fan sites by players who have decided to post their stories on a home page instead of the Exchange.

Become a house builder!

Building houses and lots have the same effect on curing the Boredom Blues as creating albums and stories-- it gives you something new and exciting to do in the game. What's more, you get to really indulge in your creative side and give something of benefit to the Simmer community. So why not try your hand at building houses for others to download?

Become a skinner!

Have you always wanted to have Yu-gi-oh or Beverly Hills 90210 characters to play with? Or maybe you've dreamt of your sims wearing wonderful designer outfits and accessories. If that sounds like you and you're up to it, you could become a skinner. Like building houses, skinning is a fantastic way of making the game more exciting, because there is the added fun of testing out your designs in-game. So if you feel you're up to it, give it a shot! 

Become an object maker and/ or hacker!

Ditto for object making and hacking-- these activities get you excited about the game in a new way, because they allow you to really personalize it to your liking. Besides, there's nothing more fun than tinkering behind the scenes of your game, either by hacking objects or creating new ones. If you're intimidated by the idea, don't be-- like many famous Sims hackers and object makers, you may be able to create objects and hacks that even surpass the ones that Maxis made!

Become a download junkie!

A lot of people are really afraid of downloads, because they've gained a reputation for sometimes messing up your game. However, some of the reputation is a bit exaggerated-- provided you're careful, you should have very little to fear from downloading. So don't let the nightmare scenarios scare you-- downloads are a really great way of enhancing the game. Besides giving you some additional objects, skins and decor to play with, downloads can give your Sims more things to do, and the more things your sims can do, the more stuff you can do.

Join a fan site!

Want a cool way to get re-excited about the Sims again? Then join a fan site where you can talk about and share your simming experiences with other players. Fan sites are not only fun, they are also inspirational, because they allow you to see what cool things other players of the sims are doing with their game. Believe me-- nothing is more inspirational than seeing someone's beautiful screenshots of a house they just made, hearing about a funny thing that happened with one of their families, or being challenged in a skin-making or house building contest. So if you want to get juiced about the game again, I can't think of anything better than joining a fan site. And if the ones available aren't up to your liking, why not create one of your own?

BTW, don't know which fan sites to join? Here are two: The Official Sims 1 Site and The Sims Resource.

Buy an Expansion Pack!

EPs are great, because they give you new objects, NPCs, surprising events, lots, interactions, and more problems to solve, especially Unleashed, Making Magic and Superstar. In fact, UL, MM, and SS add so much, in many ways they are like adding a new game. So if you're getting bored, drop by Amazon or Gamespot and get an EP, why don't you? (And no, I am not a shill for Maxis/ EA!!)

Don't listen to the TS2 Crowd

Ever since TS2 came out, it's become fashionable to bash TS1 and try to convince newbies or diehards that TS1 is the most boringest* (not a word!) game ever, and that anyone who has it is *missing out* or is stuck with a bad, outdated game. The funny thing is, the same crowd that is now trying to turn TS1 players sour against that game is the very same one that even weeks before TS2 came out was singing TS1's praises and crowing that it was the "best game ever." If you just got TS1, it's very easy to get discouraged by all this negativity and believe that it really *is* a boring game. But don't let that fool you. TS1 is not a boring game-- it wouldn't have lasted 4 years and garnered so many EPs, fan sites, and user objects if it was. So in those moments when you're feeling discouraged, remember why you bought The Sims-- not to be part of some cool fad or be trendy, but to have fun! After all, isn' t that what it's all about?