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Calling all cars... calling all cars... be on the lookout for a group of skins who have escaped from the Maxis Art Department. They are wanted for scaring Simmers senseless, causing an epidemic of nausea from their sheer appearance alone, and forcing TS1 players to cave into the unstoppable urge to delete them from their game, thereby causing immense crashes and computer lockups. 

Suspects are considered armed and hideous! Proceed with caution! 


Wanted for: Causing gamers' sides to ache with laughter from its utter goofiness.

Wanted for: Passing itself off as an Asian skin and being a badly botched darker version of a light-toned skin, complete with bags under the eyes and splotchy skin tone.

Wanted for:  Looking like Sam the Bald Eagle from The Muppet Show [>>].

Wanted for: Being a kaleidoscope of mismatched skin tones, facial features, and colors. After all, how many dark-skinned black people with orange hair and green eyes do you know???

Wanted for: Being one of those weird-looking sims where a real person's face was plastered onto an ill fitting mesh. Warning-- very scary when viewed up close!

Wanted for: Striking the fear of God into anyone who sees his grinning visage. Beware-- gap tooth, goofy smile, and flared nostrils guaranteed to induce vomiting.

Wanted for: Ugliness of incredible and mind-numbingly huge proportions. Note: can be confused for gargoyle, so be especially dilligent in tracking this suspect!

Wanted for: Looking like Richard Pryor in drag. Enuff said!

Wanted for: Passing itself off as an Asian skin; looking more monkey-like than human; and being, by far, THE WORST MAXIS SKIN ON THE PLANET! WARNING-- EXTREMELY ARMED AND HIDEOUS!!